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Having fled the Turkish bombardment, they are homeless now


Shilan Muhammad

Manbij – They fled the Turkish occupation bombardment and headed to Manbij where they felt safe there, but suffered lack of a shelter to accommodate them, as their situation becomes worse a day after day.

Before a month, with the intensification of the Turkish occupation bombardment on the civilians’ houses and districts in eastern Aleppo’s al-Bab. Thousands of people of the city and the surrounding villages have been displaced to Manbij that was liberated by Manbij Military Assemble forces.

Among the refugees were Ayat Abdul Hakeem Shahoud accompanied by her sister, brother and his wife, and 3 of her nephews who headed to Manbij after their houses in al-Bab city were bombarded by the Turkish occupation warplanes and shelling.

The bombardment resulted in Ayat’s house collapsing on their head and completely destroying it, where Ayat’s leg was broken, and in spite of her injury, she was obliged to flee the bombardments and go to Manbij.minbc-kocber-1

After 13 hours of walking on her broken leg, Ayat accompanied by her family arrived to the safe areas of Manbij, where the Military Assemble of Manbij received and secuerd them.

Ayat and her family are living in a house located in Joret Araes district in Manbij city now, they are 7 persons living in a room of a Manbij citizen’s house, but the owner of the house wants them to leave the house, while Ayat’s family don’t have money to afford for a house or other needs.

Ayat said that Manbij is a safe area and it is advisable to live there, and it is necessary to find a shelter for them to accommodate them. She added “I want to treat my leg and I don’t have enough money for that, in addition to that, we are in dire need to a shelter.

Ayat’s brother’s wife Rouaa Sabag said “I worried about my three children from shelling that was heavily intensifying, and Manbij is the safe area that people can stay in”.

Each of Ayat and Rouaa appealed the concerned parties to provide the aids for them, and they emphasized on their need for help.