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Having killed his wife and baby, he fled

QAMISHLO- Sheikh Mos Beyram have killed this morning his wife and baby by strangulation, for family reasons.

The 26-year-old woman J, K, along with her seven-month-old baby were strangled in bed by her husband, Sheikh Mos Beyram at their home in al-Hilaliya district of Qamishlo city in the Cizîre region.

Residents of al-Hilaliya have told the Hawar agency that the murderer Sheikh Mos was working in the Syrian capital Damascus. The wife J.K has lived with her two children in al-Hilaliya neighborhood.

The residents also have said that Sheikh Mous was drinking alcohol, and that there were many differences between him and his wife, and that these differences were exacerbated after his return from Damascus several months ago.

Sheikh Mos earlier this morning has killed his wife and infant and fled.

Asayîş forces have begun investigating the crime and its circumstances. According to the information, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will make a statement about the crime after the completion of investigations and the arrest of the murderer.