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Hawar news agency enters 5th year

NEWS DESK– Hawar news agency founded in March 1, 2013, entered the 5th year, meantime the Middle East in suffering from massive disinformation, Hawar news agency sought during the past 4 years to investigate truth, and to become the voice of the region’s peoples.

Hawar news agency was founded 4 years ago, in March 1, 2013 by a number of Kurdish journalists in Rojava, and have adopted the heritage of free journalism a fundamental principle for it.

At this point, the hegemonic mentality in the ME particularly in Syria and Rojava is imposing a state of media disinformation using different means and techniques, consequently, and dirty media is produced and society is deprived of information and diversity and distinctions are eliminated, Hawar news agency has strived to obtain the right information from its original sources and sharing it with the community.

Hawar news agency has spread a network of reporters all over Rojava regions, major Syrian cities, other Kurdistan parts, and many ME countries, and have always struggled and fought for the ethical and political construction of the community via its reports, news, and videos.

Considering journalism the basic mainstay in founding a democratic society, Hawar news agency is seeking solidification of oppressed peoples’ identity, language, culture and history on top of it is Kurds’, and all peoples that have physically and culturally been annihilated.

Hawar news agency is also committing to the free journalism perspective, which eliminates the masculine and patriarchal mentality and perspectives from the society, and solidifies the societal mentality.

Amid the chaos that ravaged the ME, Hawar news agency managed to become the voice of truth, particularly that it has become a major source of information for many institutions, human rights organizations, and media foundations.

Achieving all these breakthroughs during a span of 4 years is considered a place of pride, taking this trust into consideration and with the help of ANHA reporters, the agency will be continuing its strive even more and would share information with the world opinion even wider and wider.