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HDP’s co-chair: North Syria elections are pride place for us

NEWSD DESK– The co-chair of Peoples Democratic Party, Srebel Kamal Bey, said that the elections held in the north of Syria on December 1 was a democratic event and as a pride for them.

Srebel said that Turkey was preparing to launch a military operation against Afrin. “By inciting Turkey to attack Afrin, some are trying to lure Turkey into a new war.”

Srebel went on to say that the elections that took place in the north of Syria on the first of December and confirmed that it is a democratic step and a place of pride for them.

She added “A step must be taken in that geography, which for six years has been a struggle that forced millions to migrate to find a democratic solution, but Erdogan is doing everything he can to make wars there,” she said. “What do you want from Afrin?” We ask him this question but he does not answer. On the Afrin 6 years and it contains thousands of those who fled the battles, this is the same stage of democracy called by Mr. Ocelan, but they put pressure on him and put him in the most isolated conditions to prevent the arrival of proposals seeking a solution.

Srebil said that Erdogan had visited Agri region a few days ago and said, “Agri’s intention. You did not keep the will of the people of this country. The mayors who obtained 70-80 percent of the votes during the elections, according to any justice system, were arrested and, if any, You did so, taking advantage of the recent coup. I had to be there on the same day. We were going to organize our conference on the Agri region, but he used his authority through the Electoral Commission and decided that HDP would not hold its conference that day. So we had to suspend our conference that day.

She added “The prisons are the places where the authorities send their opponents to protect their authority,” and added “This country has seen several coups, but in no one has so many people been arrested. More than 220,000 people are currently in detention. Prisons This is the number that exceeds the number of the citizens of many cities.