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Hearing mercenaries’ verdict on her only son, she was paralyzed


AL-HASAKAH– A family from Iraqi city in Mosul, consisting of a father and mother, 3 daughters and a single child. Thousands of Iraqi and Syrian families were attacked by mercenaries, who occupied their towns and villages and practiced atrocities against them.

During the presence of mercenaries in Mosul, the so-called elements of “Hesba” arrested the son of the mother Zainap Shams Mohammed on charges of cigarette trade, and after spending a period of time in their prisons, the mercenaries issued the verdict of the punishment against him, as mother Zainap heard that, she was paralyzed and the whole nerves of her feet were affected and she was no longer able to walk.

Mother Zainap says, “That news stroke me like a thunderbolt and paralyzed me.”

When Iraqi forces began the process of liberating Mosul from mercenaries Zainap ‘s son managed to escape from prison as troops entered the city and he is now in Mosul.

Mother Zainap said “I could not believe that Mohammed would be alive,”, who lives in the Holl camp for Iraqi refugees after thousands of Iraqis fled to the lands of Rojava.

Mother Zainap is waiting for a moment to meet her son again and thanked the management of the camp for the good dealing with them as they embraced the Iraqis in their distress and helped them.