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Heavy rain in al-jarniya is a blessing and a curse at the same time

AL-TABQA – Al-Jarniya town and its environs in the northwestern suburbs of al-Tabqa in North Syria witnessed heavy rainfall that had positive and negative repercussions on citizens.


While farmers have long been self-sufficient in rainfall to help their crops, such as wheat and barley, grow up, others have been affected by the heavy rains in al-Jarniya

The rains caused flooding and the closure of a number of roadsin al- Ramla , Khirbet al-Shafrat and Abu Redani, due to the destruction of the bridges connecting them and forcing some citizens to change the course of their vehicles, which resulted in the flooding of two vehicles in the mud took up two hours.

The people’s  municipality in al-Jarniya blocked the road in an emergency manner.

It should be noted that the People’s  municipality has repaired the bridge Ramla in an emergency last month and will begin to repair the bridge Khirbet al-Shafrat building materials



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