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Heavy turnout towards al-Tabqa countryside’ schools


AL-TABQA- As the first term of the new session in al-Mansoura town had started in September 8, the educational complex continues organizing and supporting the educational sector in the town and its countryside.TEPQA-HIJMARA-XWENDEKARAN-ZEDE-DIBE (1)

The educational sector is witnessing a heavy turnout by the people and students as the number of the students in al-Mansoura town and its countryside reached 21,000 students for the primary and preparatory stages.

The number of schools that the educational complex is supervising reached 88 schools.

The Co-chair of the educational complex in al-Mansoura town Ahmad al-Youssef assured, “due to the huge number of the students, the educational complex has opened 48 schools that contains 21,000 students. The schools are divided into two parts; 8 schools for the preparatory stage, and 40 schools for the primary stage. They are extended from al-Safsafah farm that is adjacent to al-Tabqa city from the eastern side to al-Dalha village that is located east of al-Mansoura town with a 40 km space.”

The educational complex is working on insuring the school books for the primary and preparatory stages as all of the students of the preparatory stage, and 1,000 students of the primary stage have been provided with books, and they are waiting for reaching other batches of books for the remaining students.

The educational complex in al-Mansoura town includes 715 teachers to supervise the educational process.EHMED

At the moment, the preparations for the period of examination that starts in January 7 and continues for 15 days. Then, the mid-term holiday starts and its duration is 15 days.

Furthermore, additional schools are supposed to be opened to reduce the number.