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Her injury did not prevent her demanding to disclose Ocelan’s status


NEWS DESK- In spite of her injured foot, she insisted to continue marching in the massive march that was launched demanding to disclose the health status of the leader Abdullah Ocelan confirming in her speech that thanks to the philosophy of the leader, they have been freed from oppression.

Under the slogan “Revolt for The Leader Ocelan” and within “Revolt” campaign, Rojava Youth Union and  Young Women’s Union organized a march from three axes; al- Hasakah, Serê Kanîyê and Dêrik heading towards Qamişlo city with the participation of dozens of youths of the Euphrates region.

During the march continued from Serê Kanîyê axis towards Qamişlo city, and due to the long road, one of the participants has injured, and although she has injured, she insisted to continue walking within the march.

The young woman Gabrilla Somi from the Syriac component and the participant in the march was injured in her right leg, but despite her injury, she have not stopped marching and insisted to arrive with her comrades to Qamişlo canton.

Hawar correspondents held an interview with the young woman Gabrilla Somi to talk about the reason of her insistence to complete the march. Gabrilla said “we, the people of North Syria in particular and Syria in general, and especially the women who fight alongside men, have been freed  from the oppression thanks to the philosophy of international leader Abdullah Ocelan we.”

“My injured leg did not prevented from continue my path to demand the disclosure of the health status of my leader and the leader of the oppressed peoples Abdullah Ocelan. On the contrary, my determination to complete the march increased,” she added.