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Hevi Mustafa: self-control is not possible anymore


AFRIN – The Co-Chair of the Executive Council in Afrin Canton Hevi Mustafa assured that self-control about the frequent Turkish attacks on civilians is not possible anymore and considered these revengeful attacks come in coincidence with the campaign to liberate Raqqa city.

The Co-Chair of the Executive Council said” since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkey has worked on complicating it by supporting terrorists and IS, these attempts however were confronted by the democratic project in Rojava which was popularly welcomed.

Mustafa drew the attention to AKP revengeful attacks on Afrin canton saying” after Turkey failed in intruding in the Raqqa battle to save IS gangs, it resorted to shelling bordering villages in Afrin canton to distract the progress of the Raqqa battle”.

Hevi also said” any victories achieved in Rojava were followed by outrageous aggression of the Turkish state on Rojava people, but now it is impossible to tolerate and resort to self-control amid these violations and crimes the Turkish state is committing against our people, so our respond will be decisive”

Hevi Mustafa concluded saying” Afrin people, armed with bravery and sacrifices, are resolute on liberating their land and people whatsoever the Turkish state escalates its terror”.