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High prices push people to buy second-hand clothes

MANBIJ- Manbij people have turned to using second-hand clothes as they are considered the cheapest, Manbij has become one of the main cities in the Syrian north buying second-hand clothes.  MINBIC-BUHABUNA-CILAN (1)

Forces of the Manbij Military Council having liberated the city in August 12, 2016 from ISIS, and normal life returning to the city’s shops, and due to skyrocketing prices, selling second-hand clothes phenomenon has spread in the city due to cheapness, and good quality of some merchandise.   MINBIC-BUHABUNA-CILAN (2)

Manbij Shopkeepers are importing merchandise from different states like Italy, China, Turkey, Belgium, Germany and eastern and southern Europe states, while the quality differs according to the manufacturing states, since shoes mostly are made in Italy, cotton clothes are exported from Bangladesh, while leather clothes are American-made, all merchandise is collected in Dubai second-hand clothes factories and are distributed then to shops.MINBIC-BUHABUNA-CILAN (3)

Muhamad al-Hamad a second-hand clothes shopkeeper said that people are eager to buy these clothes because of their cheapness, and their quality are better than the Syrian ones, al-Hamad added” due to poor job opportunities in the city, many have sought this trade as it does not require a big capital”.

While another shopkeeper said that there are around 200 second-hand clothes shops in the city, and noted that it is possible to establish a special souk for selling this merchandise in the city.

Dozens of these souks spread in Manbij city streets, where hundreds of its people seek shopping there coming from Kobani, Til Abyad, Sareen in addition to exporting a big amount to Cizîre canton.