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Homeless, displaced in al-Tabqa living under cracking roofs, rubble


AL-TABQA – The lack of shelter has forced many displaced people into al-Tabqa to live among the rubble of buildings that are not habitable, yet they pay housing rent amid rubble, amid fears that these buildings will collapse over the heads of their inhabitants at any moment.TEBQA-REWSA-KOCBERAN ‫(186581505)‬ ‫‬

Some 125,000 displaced people live in tragic conditions in the city of the al-Tabqa and some 250,000 more in rural areas, with no international medical and food support.

Al-Tabqa ‘s Civil Council could have built camps for displaced people if UN agencies had provided shelter to those displaced who had to live among the rubble of destroyed buildings that could collapse at any moment.

Sobhi Abdul Qader al-Abdullah, a displaced man from al- Raqqa, left his city empty-handed only for a piece clothes and headed then to al-Tabqa where his difficult journey of displacement started, and realizing the fake promises international agencies give about assistance to the displaced.SIBHI EBDELA

“I have settled in several houses in al-Tabqa and since the owners of the houses are asking me for a hundred dollars each time,” Al-Abdullah said, “after I clean them, I regretfully have to leave them.”

“I ended up living in a house under the rubble; however, I pay 8,000 Syrian pounds after the reduction.”

The suffering of the displaced Sobhi al-Abdullah exemplifies the suffering of nearly 400 thousand displaced people living in al-Tabqa and rural areas, so would anyone give a heed to these families’ suffering stranded by all means, or that death has become a normal scene in a drama series for organizations being considered as “humanitarian”.