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Houthis blew up Saleh’s home in Sana’a, violent clashes between 2 sides

NEWS DESK– Violent clashes have erupted between the Popular Congress Party’s Forces who are related to the former president Saleh and Ansar Allah, al-Houthi groups amid reports of the latter’s control of al-Mahweit governorate and bombing Saleh’s home in Sana’a.

Sources said that on Monday, the Houthis took control on al-Saleh Mosque and al-Sabein field in the Yemeni capital Sana’a, and confirmed that Ansar Allah group managed to control al-Mahweit governorate completely.

The Houthis blew up the former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s home in Sana’a, and took control on the headquarter of the standing committee of the Popular Congress Party.

Sources of the Popular Congress Party denied the reports that stated that  Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed after the Houthi bombed his home.

Aerial blows by the Arab Alliance which is led by the Saudi Arabia continued on Sana’a on Monday with the continuation of the clashes erupted between loyal forces to Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthis.

Witnesses said that they heard successive explosions’ sounds near the Sana’a International Airport and the Foreign Ministry headquarters which are controlled by the members of “Ansar Allah”, al-Houthi group.

Sana’a is witnessing battles between the former President Saleh’s forces and the Houthis, and the clashes’ pace increased after Saleh called the Yemeni people to revolt against the Houthis.