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How did Laila spend five years with IS mercenaries?


AL-RAQQA – Syrian Democratic Forces have rescued a 15-year-old girl named Laila Akran after spending nearly 5 years in captivity with IS mercenaries, Laila is a girl from Ankara and her mother is a United States citizen. 5 years ago, her father joined the ranks of IS mercenaries and took his daughter and wife forcibly to al- Raqqa, days ago, SDF fighters were able to liberate her.

Laila’s story is no different from the suffering of thousands of children who were taken away by IS mercenaries. Laila reported to ANHA a 5-year tragedy that she had endured.

Laila is the eldest in a family of 6 persons. About 5 years ago, Leila moved with her father, a doctor and her mother, a teacher to Aleppo, about a year later they travel to al-Raqqa, which is occupied by IS mercenaries at that time. When Leila’s mother knew that her husband joined the IS mercenaries, she strongly opposed him and had beaten by him because of her opposing attitude.

Aleppo then al-Raqqa

Laila’s mother, has been forced to accept the reality, under pressure. In al-Raqqa, IS mercenaries cuts the family apart and separates them from one another, Laila does not have any idea where her parents are.

In al- Raqqa, Laila had been living in a house for nearly 4 consecutive years with IS mercenaries, Laila had been deprived of going out from that house for the duration of her stay, with some attempts to unsuccessful escape.

Once, Laila witnesses the death of a man in daylight, and when she asks why he is killed, they said that he wanted to escape from IS mercenaries, thus one of the IS mercenaries’ sniper killed him.

IS mercenaries forcibly married a minor girl

When Laila was 14 years old, one day a number of IS mercenaries came to the house where she was forced to stay in. Laila asking the IS mercenaries about her father, they told her that her father was killed and showed her his photos.

Following that incident, Laila has been forced to marry a 17-year –old mercenary, “I told them I did not want to get married, but the mercenaries did not take my words seriously and told me,” This is your destiny, “says one of the IS mercenaries. I did not have the ability to resist this decision, I was forcibly married to an IS mercenary.

Syrian Democratic Forces rescued Laila from the grip of IS About a year after staying with the mercenaries, SDF fighters rescued Laila from IS mercenaries in the center of al-Raqqa, a day that Laila describes as “the pitch dark days have come to an end after the SDF fighters rescued me. I want to live free from now on. “