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HPC… a force that struggles to protect people


AFRIN- Society Protection Forces join together and coordinate with the concerned parties to spread security in their areas and villages. Their activity has increased recently, after the extortion of Turkish occupation and the increase of its ambitions in northern Syria, and siege of Afrin canton and continuing its threats to it.2EFRIN-RECO-DOSIYA-HPC (3)

With the escalation of the Turkish occupation attacks on Rojava’s areas and North Syria, and subjecting Afrin region to a suffocating siege, the tasks and duties of the people increased and their responsibility to protect the villages and areas. According to Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, “legitimate defense is a natural right” Society Protection Forces have been formed by people of the region.

In 2015, HPC was formed by volunteer citizens who took responsibility of protecting their neighborhoods and villages and now serves as a community force alongside the People and Women Protection Units.2EFRIN-RECO-DOSIYA-HPC (4)

The forces play protecting role of the marches, national events and meetings held by all the institutions of the region. They carry out night shifts in the neighborhoods and villages, which take place in the form of groups of 12 members stationed on the second line of the fighting fronts. it began to intensify its activities by patrolling and setting up roadblocks in the villages near the borders.

In this regard, a member of Society Protection Forces Council Khulusi Basso that the activities of their forces, especially night shifts and guard is carried out accurately and continued “The region is going through a difficult time through the threats and siege imposed by the Turkish occupation army, in addition to the concentration of Society Protection Forces barricades at the crossroads of villages, to achieve more security.