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Huge losses inflicted to ISIS; 46 mercenaries killed


AL-RAQQA- Wrath of Euphrates fighters have defeated ISIS mercenaries who attacked Swediyah Gharbi village and killed 46 mercenaries while clashes continue to intensify in Jib al-Shair southeast of Ain Issa.

ANHA reporters following the Wrath of Euphrates campaign said that ISIS mercenaries have launched on Tuesday morning attacks on Jib al-Shair southeast of Ain Isa, fighters of Wrath of Euphrates repelled the attack amid fierce clashes.

Strong blows dealt to the mercenaries in Swediyah Gharbi

Wrath of Euphrates fighters having liberated the village on January 7, ISIS mercenaries launched a violent attack on Swediyah Gharbi, fighters repelled the attack and clashes broke out then where strong blows were dealt to the mercenaries.

The clashes lasting for 3 days resulted in completely defeating the mercenaries and killing at least 46 mercenaries and arms and ammunitions were seized too.