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Humanity needs leaders  and pioneers for better future

ALEPPO – Members of the Kurdish Red Crescent Organization in Aleppo city denounced the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and considered the silence of the International Community towards the secrecy of the Turkish authorities to disclose his health and participate in the plot on Ocalan, that was during a statement in which they said “humanity needs leaders and pioneers for better future “.HLB-DAXIYANIYA-HEVA-SOR-KURDI-DERBARI-TESDIDA-LI-SER-SEROK-APO (1)

In a series of events demanding the disclosure of the health status of the  Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and condemning the isolation imposed on him, in Friday the Kurdish Red Crescent Organization in Aleppo released a statement to the public denounced the practices of the Justice Party government against the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The statement was read by a member of the Kurdish Red Crescent Gulistan Abdo in the presence of the organization’s cadre in Aleppo, in front of Khaled Fajr Hospital.

The text of the statement:

Humanity goes through a period of dire need for the leaders and pioneers for a better future for their peoples. In contrast, capitalist modernity is doing with all its efforts to silence the truth which tell the true.  Here is the duty of the Kurdish people and the people of the area to work in sitting the thought of their leader and inspirer to walk towards the safety being the capitalist modernity is intimidated by charismatic leaders.

The policy of isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan is not born today when the capture of the leader tried to impose isolation on the movement of humanity the size of the movement of liberation of Kurdistan, and the revolution of Rojava republic of the leader Ocalan being founded for 20 years thought in this spot is a solid basis for the victories that have been achieved so far in our region.,

“We in the Kurdish Red Crescent condemn in the strongest terms the capitalist isolation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan as it represents the aspirations of our peoples towards a free life.”