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Hundreds of al-Tabqa people bid the martyr al-Jazrawi farewell


AL-TABQA –In the presence of hundreds of the people from al-Tabqa city, al-Jarnyia, Anas Jabbar, farewell ceremony of the body of the martyr Raed Abdul Aziz, is nom de guerra al-Jazrawi who was martyred in al-Raqqa city where dozens of cars participating in the ceremonies launched from al-Tabqa Hospital National towards to the Martyrs Shrine.

The farewell ceremonies took place in the presence of the co –chair of the Legislative Council of al-Tabqa area and the of the Executive Council in addition to dozens of members of Civil institutions and military and tribal elders and sheikhs.

The farewell ceremonies began with a minute of silence, coinciding with the presentation of the military parade by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the forces of the duty of self-defense.

During the ceremonies, a number of words were delivered and the first word was given to the administrative committee of the Committee for the Affairs and Families of the Martyrs in the Democratic Civil Administration in al-Tabqa area Mariam al-Sharif which confirmed that “the martyrs are the path of the future for generations to come and fought for a free life for us and for future generations.”

The Co-chair of the Public Relations Committee of the Democratic Civil Administration in al-Tabqa area Asya al-Gahrbi confirmed “We from the land of the Euphrates here are one people who declared war on terrorism and resisted and defeated terrorism on their land by the sacrifice and heroism of Syria’s Democratic Forces SDF.”

“We promise our heroic martyrs to continue on their path to the path of resistance and heroism, until the end of terrorism from the last inch of our precious land.”

The leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF Zinar Kobani assured “The path of the heroic martyrs is the inexhaustible path, and we will continue their journey to fulfill their great sacrifices,” said the leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, Zinar Kobani.

On behalf of the tribal reconciliation council, Sheikh Farhan said, “Self-sufficiency is the highest goal. Congratulations to the families of the martyrs with the great victory that your children have received, the knights of freedom, co-existence, and fraternity of peoples.”

At the end of the ceremonies, the certificate was read by the administrative of the committee of the Affairs and families of the martyrs, Jum’a al-Hussein, and the body was buried by the echoes of the cries of the mothers and the cheers of the martyrdom.