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Hunger strike in Qamishlo begun to reveal leader’s health

QAMISHLO- Under the slogan “Our covenant is to break the Imrali regime and live freely with the leader,” the Kongra Star launched the hunger strike in Qamishlo city to demand the health and safety of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan’s disclosure.QAMISLO-GIRAVA-BIRCIBUNE (4)

The hunger strike that was launched today was organized in the al-Anteriya neighborhood in Qamishlo city, where a tent was erected for this purpose, decorated with pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, pictures of martyrs and flags of Kongra Star and People Protection Units and Women Protection Units.

Today, 70 women have joined the hunger strike, where people are scheduled to take shifts on a daily basis.

A number of hunger strikers spoke to the Hawar News Agency, denouncing the silence of international organizations over the situation of Ocelan, and confirmed the continuation of the resistance until the disclosure of the health and safety of Ocelan.QAMISLO-GIRAVA-BIRCIBUNE (6)

Laila Ahmed, 47, said they would continue the resistance until they got information about Ocelan’s health and safety. “The freedom of leader Apo is the freedom of women of the world,” she said.

Walida Ibrahim, 33-year-old, also denounced the silence of international human rights organizations as well as the European Committee against Torture (CPT) about what Ocalan is exposed to. “For two years, we continue to know nothing about the leader. We deplore the human rights organizations that were silent about this situation. “She concluded by saying,” Stop silence.”

Hamdiya Muhammed, 55, who also participated in the hunger strike, expressed her indignation at Turkish state practices. “We will not recognize any borders,” she said.

Hamdiya Muhammed appealed to the international institutions, the Committee against Torture, the European CPT as well as human rights organizations and all advocates of democracy to move to reveal the health and safety of Ocelan.

The hunger strike is to continue for three consecutive days.