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Hunger-strikers: call for ending practices against Ocalan


ALEPPO- Hunger-strikers in al-Sheik Maqsoud in Aleppo city called for an end to the Turkish country practices against the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan, and they stated that their participating in hunger-strike proved their adherence to the ideology and philosophy of Ocalan that lit the way of all people.emani-ebdelh

Condemning the practices of the Turkish government against the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan and raising the strict isolation imposed on him by the Turkish government, the Democratic Society Movement has organized a campaign of hunger-strike, and all the components of Sheik Maqsoud province participated in this hunger-strike, who showed that they would continue in all condemning events of isolation imposed on the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan till ending the isolation.

Several interviewing with hunger-strikers were held by Hawar News Agency about their participation in this event.ehmed-sexo

The chairman of the joint council in Sheik Maqsoud province Merii al-Shebli said that the reason of his participation in this event is that Ocalan is the leader of all people that strive for getting freedom and ending oppression. And he condemned isolation imposed on Ocalan by the fascist Turkish state.

Al-Shebli stated that the Turkish state by arresting Ocalan wanted to undermine the will of the Kurdish people and block the projects that aim to democratizing the area. He assured that the Turkish plots failed because they came to light to the whole world.

A member of the Catholic Compound in al-Hiqal Jozef Qablan said that their love for Ocalan would not go away by the Turkish practices isolating him, and he assured ” The Catholics consider him an example in order to gain their freedom and all oppressed people freedom, as he said “we always remind the leader Abdullah Ocalan and love his thoughts, and love does not go away, we as Christian component consider Ocalan an example for us.cuzef-qeblan

The citizen Amani Abdullah and one of the participants of the hunger-strike said that the Turkish government would not survive because all people who believe in democracy would not stay silent about the Turkish practices and massacres, and the voices would raise day after day until the leader got his freedom, and she said “my participation in hunger-striking is a proof of my love to my leader Abdullah Ocalan”.

The citizen Ahmad Sheikho condemned the isolation imposed on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, and demanded all those who claimed to protect human rights and defended them including the United Nations to end the practices of the Turkish state and put pressure on it for the sake of Ocalan release.

32 members from civil institutions and people of different component Kurds, Arabs, and Syriacs participated in hunger-strike that the Democratic Society Movement in al-Sheik Maqsoud province organized on Tuesday.