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Hunger Strikers: We will be flame of fire revolve around Ocelan


QAMISHLO – Women participating in the hunger strike tent organized by Kongra Star to demand the disclosure of the statue of the Kurdish People’s Leader situation Abdullah Ocelan explaining that they continue in the activities until the revelation of the leader’s status, and no one can undermine the thought and philosophy of Ocelan.SEAIH

This came during an interview with Hawar news agency with several women participating in the hunger strike of 3 days in the activities of the strike tent in Qamishlo city.

“Today is the third day of our hunger strike, and as Rojava women, we will not get bored until we see the leader free and we will fight until the last minute of our lives,” she said.

“The enemies believe that Imrali prison will block the leader’s thought and philosophy to his people, but they do not know that this thought has become an integral part of the life we live in. Our motto will always be” “Demolition of Imrali Prison until the liberation of the leader Abdullah Ocelan.”HURIA

Sabah Ibrahim pointed out that as women they will organize events in all squares until the liberation of the leader Abdullah Ocelan.

“All the women of the world who have been robbed of their rights, thanks to the thought of the leader Ocelan, must regain their dignity and join all the activities that demand his freedom,” said the Co-chair of the Women’s Economy Office in Rojava, Houria Shamseddin.

“The aim of the hunger strike is to demand the reveal of the health status of the leader Ocelan,” she said. “They continue in revolt until his health status is revealed.”


Food striker Delshin Hussein said: “the leader Ocalan with his thought and philosophy led the woman out of the quagmire of slavery, which was developed by the male mind.”

“The Turkish fascists think that imprisoning the leader physically will also suffocate him intellectually, but they do not know that the leader’s ideology is pervasive all over the world now,” Delshin said.HILOA IBRAHIM

“We continue on the third day of the hunger strike for the united leader Abdullah Ocelan and demand to reveal his health status,” said Helwa Ibrahim, a hunger striker. The public opinion has to know that we as the mothers of the martyrs and Rojava’s women, will become a spark and a flame of fire revolve around the leader Abo, and Erdogan has to know that the Turkish regime will soon collapse with its fascist policies. “

“We will resist until the liberation of our leader from Imrali prison and see him among his people,” she said.