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Ilham Ahmad” democratic nation has become a tangible choice”


DÊRIK- The MSD Co-Chair Ilham Ahmad said that the opposition that restricted to verbalism and claimed to be the sole representative of Syrians is held responsible for the deviation of the Syrian revolution. Ahmad also noted that 6 years of conflict have clearly demonstrated the necessity of developing a democratic federal project in Syria.

This came in the opening word Ilham Ahmad the Co-Chair of MSD delivered in the 2nd MSD conference held in Azar Hall in Dêrik city.

Ilham Ahmad congratulated in her word Syrian people on holding this conference and wished that 2017 will be a stable and peaceful year for Syria and its people, Ahmad also recalled all freedom revolutions and saluted heroes and heroines in the battlefields, and wished them victory and permanent success.

 “The warring parties aim at settling their accounts”

Ilham said” we gather today amid difficult historical period as war is ongoing, death machine is continuously stealing lives of children, women, and the elderly indiscriminately. At this point, we undertake a considerable responsibility; answering Syrians questions about their fate and where the status quo might lead to, so some regions since the beginning of the people’s move have turned to balls of fire, while others sought preserving their old role, on the one hand. On the other hand, parties who maintained their stability like north Syria people also existed, and political, social, cultural and defensive construction movements were launched depending on its autonomous force, thus becoming a role model for other Syrian regions “.

 “We hold the opposition responsible for Syrian revolution deviation”

Ilham Ahmad held the opposition who monopolized the name of opposition and claimed that they are the only representatives of Syrian people the responsibility for the deviation of the Syrian revolution, and Ilham added “all know that the WWIII is about to erupt in our nation Syria, and all the conflicting parties are striving for settling their accounts to draw their plans and policies for next stages of new decades. Therefore, the Syrians pay for these accounts, and all those who claimed advocating revolution depended on foreign forces and were moved like chess stones, they also fan the flames of conflicts over Syrians.

We hold the opponents who claim being the only representatives of Syrian people responsible, without making any progress during the crisis to cease the battle and promote peace and democracy in the countries as they will be accountable for the Syrian revolution deviation. Moreover, they remained without a schedule till this moment. They also conflicted with the regime over authority, and kept the public opinion occupied with the sterile negotiations that did not basically take place between the two parties. In addition to that, negotiating process Geneva 2,3 and today Geneva 4 and all of them were in vain because the Syrian regime did not basically seek for radical solutions.

The conflicting forces in Syria formed a main obstacle in front of the development of any solution on the national level. Moreover, all the parties played an influential role in the process of Syria division, and changed the conflict to a doctrinal and nationalistic conflict.

“Changing the name of the Syrian Arabic Republic to Syrian Federal Republic became a reality and a must”. 

Ilham Ahmad stated that 6 years of conflict clearly showed the importance of the development of Democratic Federal Syria project, and Ilham Ahmad added ” the strategies that are based on the community freedom of various cultures, and the voluntary joining to Syrian identity is the free citizen with real fair value of each Syrian citizen so we see that changing the name of Syrian Arabic Republic to the Republic of Federal Syria became a must and to become Syria for all Syrians not only for one nationality. As Syria plays the leading role of democratizing the area of the Middle East, the process of the democratic changing in its true form and according to the variety of Syrian society is a must, as the variety always leads to prosperity”.

“We believe in women role in leading democracy in Syria”

Ahmad also handled pioneer women role in different life fields saying” the Syrian experience proved that powerless women are vulnerable to be a commodity in the hands of the mercenaries and the masculine regime as well, so Syrian women have experienced unprecedented tragedies. Consequently, women have kept up with the developments of liberation, democratic societal Administration, and Kurdish women have been pioneers at the frontlines and believed that women could control the helm of democracy in Syria”.

Ahmad also added” on the other hand, we cannot forget the sacrifices that youths offered in the resistance fields and the regime’s prisons as well when they demanded change in the beginning of the Syrian revolution, however, their energies were unfortunately wasted when organization, awareness and strategic schedules were missing.

“The democratic nation has become a tangible option, not a fantasy”

Ahmad went on congratulating SDF on the victories achieved defending democracy and facing terrorism internally and externally, Ilham also appealed to all patriotic Syrians to take part in the peace process, democratic solution of the crisis, solidification of the democratic federal system. Ahmad added” the democratic nation has become a tangible option and not a fantasy away from the reality, as we are protecting our national values and founding a roadmap to get our lovely country Syria out of this crisis”.

J.O/ D.H