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Ilham Ahmad from washington: the American attitude is positive


NEWS DESK- Ilham Ahmad the Co-Chair of MSD (Democratic Syria Council) said that the US looks positively at the federation in the Syrian north and perceives it as the best solution for the Syrian crisis.

Ilham Ahmad the MSD Co-Chair heading a delegation from Rojava and north Syria have been holding meetings since a week in the US, and the Rojava delegation has met the American Congress and State of Department, and US envoy to the global coalition to fight ISIS.

During the meetings held with the Congress bureaus, the two sides have discussed the situation in Syria in general and in the Syrian north in particular, and were introduced to the autonomous administration system, women freedom, and the necessity of a federation that preserves the fraternity of peoples between the region’s components.

The two sides also discussed violations of the Turkish state to north Syria and targeting the democratic system, Erdogan’s government putting obstacles to the solution of the Syrian crisis, and is now targeting Kurdish and north Syria people who defeated ISIS and are leading now a campaign to liberate al-Raqqa under the pretext of fighting PKK, the Rojava delegation demanded the Congress to put an end to this problem and find a solution for the enmity of AKP to the Kurdish people.

In the same context, Rojava delegation held a meeting with the US special envoy to Syria Michael Ratney where many issues were discussed majorly Astana meeting; the possibility of holding agreements with the national Syrian opposition, and the necessity of democratic Syrian powers participation in the meetings held for Syria and ways to fight ISIS.

The Rojava delegation also met Brett McGurk, the US envoy to the global coalition, the present Syrian status quo, North Syria Federation system, the collaboration mechanisms with the new American administration and fighting ISIS and Qaeda in Syria were also discussed in the meeting.

Ilham Ahmad affirmed to ANHA that during the meetings increasing support and collaboration between the SDF and global coalition forces to fight ISIS were stressed on, the federal system was also emphasized as the most profound solution for the future of Syria noting that the American attitude towards the federation was positive.