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Ilham Ahmad: Syrians are capable of thwarting all division plans

AMUDA– The co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council, Ilham Ahmed, explained that the Syrians are capable of thwarting all external plans aimed at dividing the Syrian homeland.

The forum, called by the Democratic Syrian Council, was launched at the Bilsan Hall in Amuda district this morning, in the presence of all political, tribal, civil and youth and women organizations.

The co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council, Ilham Ahmed, opened the dialogue forum by saying that “the Syrian crisis has entered its seventh year and the scene continues to grow more and more complicated. There are no signs of resolving the crisis by political means. Insisting on imposing a military solution without the slightest steps towards a democratic solution that ends the crisis and establishes a democratic future”.

Ahmad also said “as soon as we filled the gap in our regions and cut the way for the interference of the regional powers in our affairs, we have made available inside the ground to embark on a pluralistic, democratic Syria.”

Ilham Ahmed pointed out that the opposition represented by the coalition and its armed groups has weighed its decision to serve regional agendas and allied itself with the forces of terrorism such as al-Nusra and its sisters. The fate of all international efforts to resolve the crisis was a failure. “Through three stations and dozens of tours in Geneva, because each party insists on abolishing the other and imposing a central sectarian regime in Syria, not to mention that parties with a representative presence and influence of their people are excluded from these forums because of the intervention of the regional powers affected by any real democratic solution in Syria”.

“We put forward our vision of a solution in Syria based on our understanding of the national diversity and the social, religious, sectarian and political structure in Syria and without ambiguity, we believe that democracy in Syria will not come through a central grip that governs Syria,” she said.

“Instead of holding meetings outside the country, it was supposed to hold meetings in the liberated territories within Syrian territory, which is considered to be more credible. It is considered an important and historic step. The agreement of the Syrian people with each other as Syrians, external interference and dialogue among themselves in a democratic manner is a historic event”.

The discussion then opened on the first theme of the forum, which focuses on Turkey and Iran despite the deep conflict between them and the destruction of Syria and the land and people, as well as all the conflicting parties to power in Syria and fighting sectarian, and all this, everyone is afraid of the growing and implementation of the Syrian federal project aimed at the cohesion of the Syrian soil despite the fact that they welcomed federalism in Iraq after 2003 And recently the new Sudanese federal after the Naivasha Agreement in 2005.