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Ilham Ahmad: Turkey is Qatar’s partner in supporting terror



AD-DARBASIYAH- The Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Board (MSB) Ilham Ahmad stated that Turkey supports Qatar as Qatar is its partner in supporting terrorism in Syria. Ilham also stated that Turkey is striving for occupying Adlib. Moreover, Ilham Ahmad assured on their adherence to their federal project in Syria.

Ilham Ahmad evaluated the political situation during the regular meeting of the Board’s political body which was held on Sunday in the Board’s office in ad-Darbasiyah city. In addition, the Co-Chair of the Board Riyad Drar and all the members of the political body including 50 attended the meeting.

During the evaluation, Ilham Ahmad moved to talk about Turkey’s attitude towards Qatari crisis and said “with the appearance of Qatari crisis and many countries accusing it of supporting terrorism, the Turkish state showed its attitude that supports Qatar”.

Ilham Ahmad focused on the Turkish occupation of Syrian lands, and stated that Turkey is striving for occupying Adlib as what happened in Jarablus and al-Bab amid international silence.

Ilham Ahmad also said that MSD does not concern a specific area, rather it concerns the whole of Syria. Ilham added “we must show our attitude about the attacks that are happening the Syrian lands”.

The Co-Chair of MSD Ilham Ahmad concluded her evaluation of the political situation by assuring on their adherence to their federal project in Syria and Ilham said “our project is the project of a democratic Syrian which includes all the components and all the Syrians”.