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Ilham Ahmed: Deir ez-Zor Civil Council to undertake the city’s administration

DEIR EZ-ZOR- Co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council said in a speech during her participation in the first constituent conference of the Deir ez-Zor Civil Council that the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated large areas from “terrorism” where the councils then organized the people there, stressing that Deir ez-Zor Council will undertake the city’s management.

Since the early morning of Sunday, the first constituent conference of the Deir ez-Zor Civil Council has been held in the presence of many tribal notables and political figures.

Co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council, Ilham Ahmed, was among the attendees and had a part in giving a speech at the conference, where she blessed the beginning of the conference and confirmed that the credit belongs to the martyrs.

As for the military and organizational victories in the north of Syria, Ilham Ahmed said at the outset that Syrian Democratic Forces had liberated large areas of the abyss of terrorism. Noting that this council, which will be established today will be a compass of the people of Deir ez-Zor to manage itself.

Co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council assured the audience that “terrorism is beginning to end in Deir ez-Zor and the whole of Syria,” pointing out that in the liberated areas autonomous administration are established which represent the main step in shaping the future of Syria.

Ilham Ahmed said that “these areas need to be stabilized, but the regime’s policies are still focused on rebuilding the centralized system that has lasted for decades and is not prepared yet to change its authoritarian regime that has caused destruction to the whole of Syria,” she said. “It is high time the regime changed and compromised to take some steps towards democracy”.

Talking about the so-called Syrian opposition, Ilham Ahmed said “those who identified themselves as opposition could not achieve anything for the Syrian people and they also became a machine with foreign agendas, so they also declared their failure.”

In conclusion, co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council, Ilham Ahmed said, ” federal project proposed in the Syrian north was and is still aiming at maintaining security and stability in the area, a form in which the people manage themselves, as now where the people of Deir ez-Zor are taking responsibility for post-liberation of their areas”.

The conference is still continuing…