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Ilham Ahmed: No one can make decisions about SDF-protected areas


QAMISHL– The Co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council said that excluding Kurds from conferences and meetings to resolve the Syrian crisis, indicates the unwillingness of those parties to resolve the crisis.

The Co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council, Ilham Ahmed, told Hawar News Agency in a telephone conversation about the meetings to resolve the Syrian crisis and the agreements reached by Russia, Turkey and Iran on Syria

Excluding effective parties confirms their unwillingness to resolve

Ilham Ahmed pointed out that the Syrian Democratic Council and representatives of the Syrian north to this meeting were not called to attend which shows that the parties that say they are seeking to resolve the Syrian crisis “do not want to solve the Syrian crisis at the moment.”.

The change is possible before Sochi’s launch

As for the invitation to Kurds to participate in Sochi conference under the auspices of Russia, Ilham Ahmed said, “The components of North Syrian have been invited as components to participate in Sochi. Russia says it will invite Autonomy Administration to participate in the conference. The call is still possible, but changes can occur until the last hours before national conference start “.

Turkey is ready to concede everything to attack Afrin

“Turkey is trying and wants to attack Afrin and is ready to give up everything to control Afrin and pressure all parties to achieve this, but the subject of the attack,” said Ilham Ahmed, “about Turkey’s threats to launch attacks on Afrin canton and its willingness to do everything to achieve its goal. On Afrin is not linked to the approval of Russia and Syrian regime, because there are many heavy forces, especially Kurdish people in Afrin. “

“Turkey should be able to recognize that through its attack in Afrin, where would it arrive?” She said. If Turkey attacks Afrin, it would receive painful blows.