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Ilham Ahmed: triple agreement is to divide Syria


NEWS DESK- The Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, said that the agreements reached between Turkey, Iran and Russia are hostile to the benefit of the Syrian people as agreements dividing the Syrian territory in favor of regional countries, pointing out that Turkey is exploiting Syrian emotions to control Idlib.

Ilham Ahmed pointed out, under the pretext of the areas of de-escalation, the Turkish government used the decisions of Astana to impose its control over areas of northern Syria, as Idlib is a means to reach Afrin, and its main goal to control Afrin to connect Azaz with Idlib.

Ilham Ahmed confirmed that the next step of the Turkish occupation would be to annex this area of the Syrian territory, from Jarablus to Idlib and Jabal al-Zawiya to the political borders of Turkey, as it did in the Iskenderun in the past.

Ilham Ahmed noted that Turkey’s occupation of Idlib would have political and military repercussions. From the political point of view, they are trying to form and activate the coalition government to impose it on the regime again after it was about clinical death. On the military level, Turkey will try to interfere continuously in Syria’s internal affairs.

Ilham Ahmed pointed out that the Turkish occupation will continue to support armed groups inside Syria to expand its influence and threaten the autonomous administrative in the north of Syria permanently to protect its interests.

On the Russian-Turkish agreement, Ilham Ahmed explained that Russia believes it is capable of pressurizing Turkey and that it will stop it by itself when it persists. “But Russia forgets that it lacks legitimacy among a large part of the Syrian anti-regime areas

The co-Chair of the of Syrian Democratic Council said that Turkey is using this file and exploiting the emotions of the Syrians in their favor, and meeting with Iran to discuss anti-Kurdish file, and said, “the referendum of the Kurdistan Region has united the two parties. Turkey is trying to put Iran at the front line with the Kurds in Syria as well.”

“They have also reached an agreement with Iran and Turkey, all of which are hostile to the interests of the Syrian people as agreements that divide Syrian territory in favor of regional states,” she said.

To stand in the face of this Turkish occupation of Syrian territory, the co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmed said, at the end of her speech “it requires the Syrians in full and the children of the north of Syria in particular to show a clear position of this occupation.