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Illiterate IS amir narrated his story of joining IS -2


DEIR-EZ-ZOR- IS mercenary Saleh al-Khalaf al-Ali, who was captured by Syrian Democratic Forces in a qualitative operation on one of the dens of the IS mercenaries eastern of Deir-ez–Zor. After killing and slaughtering 6 wounded soldiers of the Syrian regime, and becoming an amir, he was allowed to rape women under the name of captivity and has admitted to raping five women, including two Yazidis.

A follow-up to his story of joining IS mercenaries our agency published about the details of becoming an amir, while illiterate neither reading nor writing and knowing nothing about religion or of the world. All he wanted to do was to get money, wealth, and women, so he got what he wanted. The Syrian regime soldiers were captured in the countryside of Palmyra, then killing them to become “amir” to moves on a second stage of brutality by allowing him to rape women and provide him with captive women

Today we publish the second part of the meeting with the IS mercenary Saleh Khalaf, who has revealed some details after he became amir among the ranks of IS mercenaries.

After are receiving the certificate of a murderer .. He was allowed to rape

The IS mercenary says that two months after he took over as amir, he raped five women, including two Yazidis who were sent by another amir as a gift to him.

“Although the Yazidi woman resisted me and did not allow me to rape her, she was unable to resist because I then had taken some drugs and raped her by force,” Saleh said.

A week after the receipt of the amirs of captive women and raping them, they are delivered to the soldiers, according to the laws of IS mercenaries each amir is entitled to rape a woman for a week and then give her to his soldiers.

As for the rest of the women, the IS mercenary says that, except for the Yazidis, he raped three women from the outskirts of Manbij and al-Raqqa. The IS mercenary Saleh claims now that he feels guilty for his atrocities against innocent women, but in vain, it is too late.

Sources of economic, military support for IS gangs

During his speech, Saleh said that the main and basic source of IS mercenaries was the Turkish state, which offered IS mercenaries a lot of advanced and heavy weapons, while IS mercenaries were sending fuel to the Turkish state in exchange for weapons. He noted that this trade continued until the Russian planes bombed a convoy of oil trucks, Turkey, Saleh stressed that after the Russian strike stopped trade between the parties for a period and then began in other ways, but in strict secrecy.

Agreement to deliver Deir–ez–Zor to the Syrian regime

As for the sudden entry of the Syrian regime into the city of Deir-ez-Zor, IS mercenary Saleh said: “With the arrival of the Syrian regime to the countryside of Deir –ez-Zor we have been ordered by a Tunisian amir to withdraw from the points quickly so that the regime will then take our positions directly and without any clashes between us.”

Even Quran’s verses are changed according to their fatwas

Salih pointed out that IS mercenaries were making some changes in some Quranic verses and they are requiring the people to memorize the modified verses, for example by taking them out of the prayers of the Abrahamic prayers, which are read in the prayer, such as ” blessed greetings, the prayers…” The fatwa says that the word “blessed” here indicates greed and this is not permissible and declared that whoever utters it in prayer will be punished with the death.

The IS mercenary Saleh said that one of the sheikhs of the mosques in the area of Mayadeen when he violated these orders, namely, the rejection of the changes made by mercenaries to the Quran and the fixed rules of religion, IS gangs have beheaded him under the pretext of infidelity and rejection of religious orders.

Dignitaries and known personalities were forced to involve in the regions

The IS mercenary Saleh told Hawar News Agency how the dignitaries and known personalities in the region were forced to join and pledge to IS mercenaries. The dignitaries and personalities were forcibly invited to the IS mercenaries’ homes making banquets for them, and to provide money to the amirs and photographing and publishing images on the sites of IS mercenaries and the allegation that all dignitaries pledge to IS in order to win the support of the people and encourage them to join

The city of Mayadeen is considered a heart of the region

In his speech, IS mercenary Saleh stressed the importance of the city of al-Mayadeen to IS gangs, describing it as IS heart. According to his claim, the most prominent amir exist in the area of al-Mayadeen, in addition to the existence of large factories for weapons and factories for manufacturing bombed vehicles in the city.

Salih pointed out that the amirs administrating IS mercenaries exist in the headquarters of the city of al-Mayadeen. He pointed out that there is an underground Yazidi women’s prison who are being held in order to distribute them to amirs as servants or sell them in the markets. In the recent period, there were about 90 women.

“Al- Jazeera Tempest “threatens IS amirs, Saleh decides to escape

After Syrian Democratic Forces’ advance on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River within the campaign of “al- Jazeera Tempest ” liberating large areas in a few days amirs have been seized by fear, so Saleh decided to escape to the areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces and while hiding in one of the IS dens before the escape, SDF fighters captured him.

“I have tried to escape from the ranks of IS mercenaries because I began to fear the rapid progress of Syrian Democratic Forces, but they arrested me before I tried to escape,” said Saleh.

At the end of the interview, Saleh appealed to all elements of IS mercenaries to surrender to Syrian Democratic Forces and stop the killing and destruction, and save their lives.