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Important meetings held in Washington to gain political and economic support

WASHINGTON-the Self-Rule Administration representative in Europe Sinam Mohammad and co-chairperson of Syria Democratic Council(MSD) Ilham Ahmad met in Washington with senior US officials in the White House, and many meetings with civil society organizations willing to support Rojava were held as well.

Administration representative in Europe Sinam Mohammad and co-chairperson of (MSD) Ilham Ahmad discussed with the American officials the status quo in Rojava, Aleppo, and the systemized siege on the Self-Rule Administration, and criticized the poor international support to Rojava refugees in comparison to other areas.

The subject of federation was also present in the discussions, in a seminar held in the American Centre for Development, academics and political analysts of institutes of Washington, and concerned with the Turkish affairs, emphasized that the federation in north Syria is not based on sects or nationalities, on the contrary it is a geographical federation which unifies Syria.

The situation in Şêx Meqsûd was discussed, Administration representative and co-chairperson of MSD explained the status quo in the neighborhood which is being shelled by the so-called opposition.

After the conference, a meeting was held with the American presidency candidate Donald Trump and the Middle East consultant Walid Fares who in turn approved of the Self-Rule Administration and its attempts to spread stability in the area and stressed that the Administration should be supported.

Sinam Mohammed and Ilham Ahmad held a press conference attended by many American and Non-American media, and answered questions about the role of QSD in fighting and defeating ISIS. They stressed that QSD should be supported more not only military, but also politically and economically and the siege on Rojava should be terminated.