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“Imrali regime’s toppled, violence against women eliminated”


QAMISHLO -In the event of the 25th anniversary of the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Kongra Star organized a series of events starting on November 5 and continuing until the 25th of November under the motto “Imrali regime’s toppling also eliminated violence against women.”

The official spokesperson of the Kongra Star in Rojava and north of Syria, Avin Suwaid, said that on November 5th they will launch a series of events under the motto “Imrali regime’s toppling also eliminated violence against women”, these events and activities will continue until the 25th of November.

Avin Suwaid pointed that women all over the world are conducting activities and events on November 25th“which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. We as Rojava’ s women will start our activities on November 5th and will include all areas of north of Syria,” she said. Women of all components will participate.

Activities will include lectures and distribution of publications, and there will be lectures in Arabic and Syriac as well as Kurdish. Mass rallies will take place in the three regions of al-Jazeera, Euphrates and Afrin on 25th November.”

“Our aim is to bring down the Imrali regime and achieve the freedom of the leader Ocalan,” Avin said.

Avin Suwaid pointed out that their aim of these activities is to know the health status of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan.

“By toppling the Imrali regime, violence against women will be eliminated, so we will struggle to destroy the Imrali regime” said Avin Swuaid.

“Because of the ambiguity that surrounds the situation of the leader Abo and the isolation imposed on him, which we consider to be the isolation of women, we chose this slogan.” We consider the violence and isolation imposed on the leader to be violence against women”.

So we will continue our struggle and activities until lifting the isolation imposed on the leader, and achieve his freedom, the leader fought for the freedom of women and we are all own him turning women into a great force playing their role in all fields.

Our struggle is not only for Kurdish women but for all components. “