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In a short time, she trained hundreds of women


AIN ISSA- In order to educate women and help them in all aspects after IS mercenaries were eliminated, a call to women in Ain Issa and the city of al-Raqqa specifically was made, the Women’s Committee in al- Raqqa Civil Council opened a Women’s House to create a people capable of building a conscious nation.EN-ISA-PEWERDEKIRINA-JINAN2-300x225

At a time when the IS mercenaries were ruling Ain Issa, they practiced the most severe sentences against women who lived under occupation, imposed black-colored clothes on them, prevented women from leaving the house, and were subjected to violence, beatings and rape by IS mercenaries, were stripped of their rights.

After liberation of the region from IS mercenaries, the Women’s House opened its doors in August 17 this year in order to restore the spirit of awareness and will and rebuild the character stolen by IS mercenaries from the region’s women.

Sections of Women’s House

The Women’s House consists of 8 members; the administrative is Amani Abdullah and 5 female members of the Committee of Reconciliation in addition to the Archives Section.EN-ISA-PEWERDEKIRINA-JINAN1-1-300x225

One of the purposes and the fundamentals that the Women’s House aims at is to identify the social problems people face, solve women’s issues and steer them to the right path without resorting to violent methods, and encourage women to regain their self-identity and self-definition.

 I trained hundreds to raise them

The Women’s House trained hundreds of women during several intellectual training courses in the academies in Ain Issa including the course of Martyr Hamida Al-Tahir and the Martyr Abdul-Kareem in the Academy of Martyr Nalin with preparations for the opening of the third session.

In this regard, the administrative at the Women’s House Amani Abdulla told the Hawar News Agency that the main objective of opening a women’s home and training courses is to strengthen the thought and personality of women in the liberated areas from darkness the IS and to get rid them of the mindset imposed on them.

Amani Abdullah appealed to all organizations and institutions to stand with them and provide the necessary support to the House of Women and all centers that are working to expel the thought planted by IS mercenaries between the people of the area