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In Ain Issa camp there are those waiting for help and treatment



AIN ISSA – Mohammed Musa, a  resident of Ain Issa refugee camp, is suffering  from cerebral palsy The situation financial is not allowed them  to be treated him .who are waiting any one to help themEYN ÎSA-REWSA KOCERA (2)

Ain Issa camp,  increasing pain and suffering are repeated. In this camp you find people struggling for life, people who have lost their entire families and who have been left alone to facing difficulties. People are destined to face their disabilities, illnesses and pains. The pain of displacement and fled from death. Mohammad Musa among dozens children  Who are facing difficult living conditions.

The child Mohammad Musa from the Syrian Hama city, aged 16, a physically disabled child, grew up in a family of father, mother and five girls. After fighting between the Syrian regime and IS mercenaries in his hometown of Hama, Mohammed fled with his family like thousands of families Who had been  fled from death, to be in an Ain Issa camp their only destination to live safely.

Muhammad Musa lived on difficults conditions  and abandoned him  his loved onesEYN ÎSA-REWSA KOCERA (1)

Child Mohammed Musa suffers from Cerebral Palsy (Disability), and due to the poor material capabilities that the family has lived and has not been able to deal with, which led to the deterioration of his condition from bad to worse, , While none of the child support organizations have taken care of the situation of Mohammed and provide assistance and treatment to him so far

Disability was not only the pain that afflicted Muhammad, but his greatest pain when his father, Musa Mohammed, abandoned his family. The father  has moved and married another woman, leaving behind a family are suffering from hunger, poverty and a disabled child.

Mohammed’s mother and father’s mother at the same timeNECAH

In order to secure the daily expenses and the needs of the family and the home,mother  Mohammed Najah Ibrahim works as a father and mother, collecting waste and metal parts between the tents and the streets of the city for sale, and providing food and medicines for her children.

 Organizations neglect to help a disabled child

Given the presence of many humanitarian organizations and children’s organizations, they fail to provide assistance to poor families inside the camp who are suffering from tragic conditions, including the Mohammed family, which has only a tent to shelter them from staying in widerness

Hawar news agency ANHA  interviwed  , Mohammed’s mother has appealed to organizations calling on humanity to help them and provide simple material support to help her crippled son recover from his paralysis. The deteriorating state of his health