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In Turkey’s parliament, fined for uttering Kurdistan, Armenian Genocide 

NEWS DESK- The ruling Justice and Development party and National Movement Party in Turkey proposed to the Turkish parliament to fine anyone uttering the words “Kurdistan, Armenian Genocide or the Kurdish cities”

According the proposal, some Turkish media outlets reported that anyone uttering Kurdistan, Armenian Genocide and the Kurdish cities words will be fined 12,000 T.P estimating 3,250 $, the MP will also be prohibited from attending 3 sessions in the parliament.

Some Democratic Peoples Party’s MPs said that this proposal springs from a fascist mindset to restrict freedoms revealing that the Turkish government will propose in the coming step prohibiting the Kurdish language in the parliament.

Since Democratic Peoples Party’s MPs use the Kurdish language in their speeches on the parliament’s platform, Erdogan’s allies of National Movement Party nationalists and some MPs of Justice and Development Party are frenzied about this.

Observers perceive this step as continuation of the public freedoms and freedom of speech demolishing policy followed by the Justice and Development party which resulted in EU stopping Turkey’s request to join it.

Meantime, many human rights organizations expressed their worries about the internal policies adopted by the Turkish state.