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Inaction of global orgs puts 100 displaced families at risk

AL-TABQA – The failure of international and UN relief organizations forced more than one hundred displaced families in al-Tabqa to live in very dangerous places that could collapse at any time. The displaced say the organizations “are mere names and have not given us any help”.TEBQA-REXSTNIN-MIROVE-BE-ERKA-XWE-RANABIN ‫(161219078)‬ ‫‬

More than 100 displaced families live in the al-Thawra school in al-Muhaja neighborhood in al-Tabqa city, a school that was bombed by the regime in late 2013 after the so-called Free Army moved into a military barracks during its occupation of al- Tabqa.
Those families face the risk of dying at any moment in a school which walls have cracked and can collapse over the heads of its inhabitants at any time.


Mohammed al-Badran is a 56-year-old refugee from the city of al- Raqqa. He is the father of five children. He and his family live in this school, which is almost unfit to live and lacks the necessities of life. “We live in this school because there is no alternative. Asma did not provide any assistance or support”.
Al-Tabqa and its countryside are home to some 400,000 displaced people who fled the regime, and the Turkish occupation army.
“I and my children have gone out of the street without getting anything with us,” said Zahra al-Hassan, a mother of four orphaned children and a displaced woman from the city of al- Raqqa. “We were not allowed to take anything out of the house. Now we have no support from the organizations. I do not even have food I to feed my children”.