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Inana Agricultural Association harvests onions, garlic crop

AFRIN– Inana Agricultural Society which is supervised by Kongra Star in Afrin canton harvested its crops of green onions and garlic, and sold them in the markets of Afrin after nearly two months of hard working.EFRIN-RECO-PIROJEYEN-KOMITEAE-ABORIYA-JIN (2)

The agricultural seasons have succeeded in the past year, and have achieved a material profit for the members of Inana Agricultural Society in addition to achieving their goal of emphasizing the economic role of women, as well as the role of women in this joint collective work.

Inana Agricultural Society started planting in the agricultural land at an area of 3 hectares near the station area in Rajo area. After that, the onion and garlic were planted. They also sprayed the pesticides to protect the onion and garlic crops, and fertilizers that support their growth, the season permeated irrigation every 10 days.

After more than a month and a half of care and diligent work cultivating green onions and garlic, the crop was harvested and sold in batches in Rajo markets.

It is worth mentioning that Inana Agricultural Society which consists of seven female members will carry out other several agricultural projects after the end of the onion and garlic season including the cultivation of the wheat crop.