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Including all region’s sectors, dialogue forum launched

AMUDA – The forum called for by the Democratic Syria Council was launched in the presence of all political, tribal, civil and youth and women organizations.

The meeting was held under the slogan “Federalism is the best and most suitable solution for Syria’s cohesion of land and people.” The co-chair of the Democratic Syria Council Ilham Ahmed, the co-chair of the Democratic Federation Council of North Syria Mansour Salloum, representatives of Kurdish and Arab parties in the region, Tribes, youth and youth organizations and community events.

The meeting, which took place recently, at the Bilsan Hall in the Amuda district of Cizîre region, focuses on several main points: the regional powers, despite the deep, destructive conflict among them to the land of Syria and its people, as well as the parties fighting for power in Syria amid increasing sectarianism, all fear the growing and implementation of the Syrian federal project aimed at cohesion of Syrian soil, despite their acceptance of federalism in Iraq after 2003 and recently the new Sudanese federation after the Naivasha agreement in 2005.

concering form and system of federalism as a concept, management and approach to the application of laws and the development and resolution of national and administrative problems in multi-national and sects such as Syria.