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Indorsement of Social Contract, preparations for coming elections


DEREK– the Regulatory Body of the Democratic Federal System is getting ready through Rojava-North Syria to carry out elections and discuss the draft of eh Social Contract to be passed in the coming conference of the Constituent Assembly.

The Regulatory Body finished writing the draft of the Social Contract, and is preparing for the administrative elections in the coming phase.

Forming a unanimous umbrella of Rojava people

The coming phase will witness preparations to carry out elections of the regulatory structures of administrations of regions around Rojava, aiming to form a conference of democratic people which will be a unanimous umbrella of peoples coexisting in Rojava, it will be also acting as the legislative council in Federation’s areas, and finally an executive council will be selected.

The Social Contract agreed on granting 60% of the conference’s chairs to independent personalities and civil organizations, 40% to political parties and unions, guaranteeing different and independent perspectives which represent people’s will and guarantees none would manipulate the council’s resolutions.

An international committee might oversee the elections

The Co-President of the Constituent Assembly in the Democratic Federal System of Rojava-North Syria Haddiya Yousef said to ANHA that they started technical preparations of the elections in collaboration with the High Body of Elections in Rojava’s three cantons” we met them and asked them to start the technical preparations like training specialized staff, opening bureaus of the Elections Commission in the freed areas, it is expected that an international committee will oversee the election process to watch its transparency and integrity.

Haddiya Yousef added” we are considering a draft of a slogan or a flag of the Federal System, which is a normal thing to undertake, the Regulatory Body will provide the Constituent Assembly with its models”.