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Intellectuals Union’s Women’s Committee commemorates struggle of Sakina, her comrades

AL-HASAKAH-The Women’s Committee of the Union of Intellectuals in al-Hasakah-canton commemorated the 9th anniversary of the massacre of the activists Sakina Cansiz, and her two comrades; Fidan Dogan, Lelia shaylemez during seminarHSK-BIRANINA-SAKINA-CANSIZ (2)

The commemoration ceremony, which was organized on Saturday began with a minute of silence in the presence of dozens of members of the Union of Intellectuals, followed by a speech by a member of the Union of Intellectuals Committee, Souad Kahlo, in which she touched upon the spirit of the resistance of Sakina Cansiz, and her dedication to serve the oppressed and eager peoples of freedom.

Souad followed her talk about some of the attributes that the struggle has brought to Sakina Cansiz’s qualities that were described and excerpts of her struggle.

Souad noted that the activist who referred to the sympathy of the people of her city with her revolutionary ideology and the revolutionaries was what attracted her attention. Souad said, “The curiosity that made the struggle Sakina of political thought at the time changed the course of her life and the lives of women in general.”

At the end of her speech, a member of the Women’s Committee confirmed that, as women, they had taken the struggler as a symbol.

The seminar ended with a televised presentation of the life of the struggles Sakina Cansiz and her comrades Leila Shaylemez and Fidan Dogan.