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Internal Security Forces in Ain Issa are taking security measures to safeguard security on Christmas Day



GIRE SIPI – The Internal Security Forces in Ain Issa doubled the number of their forces and took strict security measures with the advent of Christmas to ensure that they were escorted without incident.

With the advent of New Year’s Day, the security forces in the Ain Issa district  belonging to  Gire sipi /Tel-Abyed  put their forces in full readiness to maintain security and to prevent any threats,EYN-ISA-XEBATI-HIZA-EULEKARIYA-HUNDIRIN ‫(38404611)‬ ‫‬

especially that Ain Issa area  is densely populated because of the large numbers of refugees people, Ain Issa  is considered currently one of the most congested areas on the roads and because it is considered a link between the Euphrates and the Manbij city and al-Jazeera region and linking them together.

The Internal Security Forces prevented the entry of motorcycles into the area since the birth of Christmas and allocated a lot of land to collect all bicycles.

The Internal Security Forces also tightened security measures on the roadblocks that reach in Ain Issa camp  and prevented  refugees from entering the area except in special circumstances.

Hawar news agency held an interview with administrative in Internal Security forces Hajii IsmailHIJEESMAIL

“We as the internal security forces in the region are our priority to provide security and stability for all citizens and our forces are qualified and always ready for any emergency,” said Haji Ismail, head of the Internal Security Forces.

Hajii Ismail said during his speech, “All the citizens that we will do our duty and will remain vigilant eye day and night to maintain security and safety of the region and ensure stability,” calling on the people to cooperate with the internal security forces and abide by its instructions.