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International coalition meeting against ISIS begins its work in Kuwait

NEWS DESK – The work of the ministerial meeting of the International Alliance against ISIS on Tuesday in Kuwait, within the framework of the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, which began its activities on Monday and continues until Wednesday.

Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Shaikh Sabah al-Khalid al-Hamad al-Sabah opened the ministerial meeting of the International Coalition against ISIS. He called for the creation of new horizons and joint coordination of the international coalition against ISIS to develop a strategy to fight the terrorist organization.

Al-Sabah warned that “The international community continues to face a direct threat from armed terrorist groups,” he said, despite “positive developments and remarkable results on the ground.”

“It is very important that our alliance begin to create new horizons in the framework of continuing international efforts and joint coordination in the fight against terrorism, and follow-up and develop the strategy of the coalition to fight the ISIS organization”

“The international coalition succeeded in defeating IS mercenaries who supported 98 percent of the territory that was controlled by the terrorist organization,” US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, but stressed that the end of military operations against ISIS did not mean “the end of the inevitable organization.”

Tillerson added that more than 3 million people had returned to their homes after being displaced by the “ISIS”, pointing to the need to rebuild the areas destroyed by ISIS, adding that Washington will provide an additional 200 billion dollars to support the efforts to stabilize the areas liberated from ISIS in Syria.