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International martyr Dastan Tamoz’s family reach Kobanî

KOBANÎ- The family of the international martyr Ayşe Denîz Karacagîl whose nom de guerre is Destan Temmûz came from Antalya city and arrived at Kobanî canton to participate in their daughter’s funeral ceremony tomorrow on Wednesday in the cemetery of the martyr Dajlah in Kobanî city.

On Tuesday morning, the family of martyr Destan Temmûz crossed the border crossing Murshed Pinar that links between Bakur Kurdistan and Kobanî canton.KOB-MALBATA-SEHID-DESTAN (2)

Destan Temmûz is a female fighter in the ranks of the international fighters’ battalion, she was born in 1993, in Ankara. Destan Temmûz martyred in May 28 on the outskirts of al-Raqqa city within the campaign that was launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for liberating al-Raqqa city and its countryside.

The Martyrs Families Council in Kobanî canton noted that the martyr Destan funeral ceremonies were delayed because her family ran into problems crossing as a result of the Turkish authorities’ pressure.

In addition, it is supposed that Destan Temmûz funeral ceremonies would be held on Wednesday at 05:00 in the martyr Dajlah’s cemetery south of Kobanî city.