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Iran protests expand on 5 day ,2 killing

NWES DESK – 2 people killed in the protests which was expanded on its 5 day in Iran acoording to an Ianian news agency

2 people were killed in the protests, bringing the death toll in the most serious unrest in Iran since 2009 to at least four, the local news agency IRNA quoted a local parliamentarian as saying.

For its part, Iranian authorities arrested 200 protesters in Tehran on Sunday, according to Deputy Governor of Tehran Ali Askar Naseerbakht, who pointed to the presence of “40 leaders of illegal demonstrations” among the detainees.

Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said  on Sunday that Iranians have the right to protest and criticize the government, but their actions should not lead to violence or damage to properties

While the Iranian Revolutionary Guards threatened anti-government protesters to retaliate with an iron fist if political protests continued.

Protests intensified on its fifth day in the past few hours and were joined by small cities for the first time four days after its launch in Mashhad.

Other cities, particularly Kermanshah (East Kurdistan), Shahin Shahr (near Isfahan), Takstan (north), Zinjan (north) and West (south-west) demonstrations witnessed limited demonstrations. The Basij banks and centers were attacked, and police vehicles

were attacked and set ablaze.