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Iranian authorities refuse revealing 3 kurds’ fate

NEWS DESK- The Iranian authorities refused to disclose the fate of 3 Kurdish citizens from Kamyaran in Sunna governorate  in Rojhilat Kurdistan.

According to a statement of Human Rights Association in Eastern of Kurdistan, “the Iranian intelligence (Atlaat) arrested, during last days, three citizens from Kamyaran in Sunna governorate, and they have been taken to an unknown destination that has not been disclosed by the authorities”.

The association pointed out that the arrest based on the pretext of their carrying out secret activities and dealing with political parties in Rojhilat Kurdistan.

The Human Rights Association revealed that the detainees were Iqbal Qubadi, Kyomars Nadeemo and Hiwa Nadeemy, and they have been taken to an anonymous destination. Moreover, their fate is still anonymous.

The Iranian authorities continue arresting dozens of Kurdish demonstrators in the cities of eastern Kurdistan condemning the crimes committed against the laborers who work on the border.