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Iranian regime executes a Kurdish prisoner in Urmiye

NEWS DESK – According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network, Iranian regime executed Kurdish political prisoner Mohammad Abdullahi and five other prisoners charged with drug traffic after transferring them to cells in Urmiye (Urmia) Prison Tuesday morning.

The names of the five prisoners are reported to be Kamuran Pûrreft (Piranshahr), Tewhid Purmehdi (Urmia), Emir Ezizi, Cehangir Rezevizade (Urmia) and Cebrail Kenani (Urmia).

Kurdish political prisoner Mohammad Abdullahi’s lawyer Mustafa Ahmediyan had previously reported to Kurdistan Human Rights Network that his client was subject to injustice and violation of human rights. Ahmediyan had also urged Iranian officials to stop the execution.

Mohammad Abdullahi was shot and detained by Urmia Intelligence Service (Itlaat) on 24 May, 2010. Abdullahi was later taken to a military hospital and then referred to the Itlaat centre in Urmia.

Abdullahi, 35, was married and from Bukan city. He was sentenced to death by Mahabad Revolutionary Court on alleged grounds of aiding the Komala party. The death sentence was officially notified to him on 3 April 2014 and executed this morning.

Iranian regime executed 20 Sunni prisoners in Recayi Prison in Kerecê town of Tehran recently.