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Iraq insists on Turkish withdrawal from Iraq

NEWS DESK- The Prime Minister of Iraq Haydar al-Abaddy demanded again Turkey to withdraw its forces from Iraqi lands on the time that Turkey was striving for gaining an allowance from the Iraqi government to attack Şengal and the areas of lawful defense after an agreement was held with Iran and its international allies.

In a statement of Iraqi Prime Minister’s office “al-Abaddy demanded the Turkish  Foreign Minister Mawloud Jawish Oglu to speed exiting the Turkish forces from Iraq”.

The Iraqi parliament considered the Turkish forces in Iraq especially in Bashiqa area in Mosel as occupation forces.

The Iraqi government demanded several times the Turkish government to withdraw its forces while its demands were refused, and arguments erupted between the Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abaddy and the Turkish president Ragab Tayeb Erdogan.

Turkey exploits the Iraq-Kurdish Democratic Party’s collusion with it in concern to the Turkish forces’ existence in Iraq and most of them are spread in the areas held by Masoud Barzani’s party under the pretext of training the party’s militants.

Many international and regional parties demanded Turkey to withdraw its forces from Bashiqa while al-Barzani and his party stayed silent about the Turkish Forces’ existence.