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“Iraqi parliament’s decision rejected because it is contrary to all laws”


QAMISHLO- Members of the Lawyers’ Union and the Social Justice Council in Qamishlo region condemned the Iraqi parliament’s decision to amend the Personal Status Law permitting the marriage of minors to be considered as a flagrant violation of Human Rights and international conventions.

In the context of the continued condemnation by Women’s and Human Rights Organizations of the decision by the Iraqi parliament, which decided to amend the Iraqi Personal Status Law and allow the marriage of minors under the pretext of religious authority, Hawar News Agency met with members of the Union of Lawyers and the Social Justice Council to talk about this subject.

“We stand with women at all levels by participating in all activities that strengthen and consolidate their freedom,” said a member of the Union of Lawyers of al-Jazeera province, Muhammad Amin Nai’mi. “They will not accept the Iraqi parliament’s decision to amend the personal status of the Iraqi people to allow the marriage of minors under10 years by the pretext of religious authority.

He pointed out that such decisions make clear the extent of inequality between men and women in the Iraqi state, despite their liberation and civilizational and social progress, especially in such sensitive situations.

Amin said they are ready by all means to stand with women by writing and participating with them in the events they will take against this decision wherever it is.

For her part, member of the Social Justice Council in Qamishlo province of al-Jazeera region Adla Khalil on the decision of the Iraqi parliament to amend the decision of minors’ marriage, noting that this decision in a country like Iraq is against the laws, women marrying under the age of 18 is a violation of her body and rights by all standards.

Adla pointed out that minors’ marriage is a flagrant violation of human rights and all international conventions, because the minor still needs to be compassionate and caring, how can she raise a child or do homework,

Adla Khalil said that such decisions will have negative repercussions on society such as divorce, and the disintegration of society.

At the end of her speech, Adla Kalil called on women throughout the world, especially Iraqi women, to step up their struggle to prevent the implementation of such a decision.