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 IS commander killed in Jarablos

Minbic– an IS commander called Abu Huzaifa al-Ordoni was killed besides a number of mercenaries including commanders in raids the international coalition launched against IS sites

The international coalition targeted yesterday headquarters of IS mercenaries and sites in Jarablos.

According to information ANHA obtained, the raids targeted a meeting of IS commanders and resulted in killing and injuring others.

The news reported showed that a noticeable officer of IS mercenaries called Abu Huzaifa Alordoni, Hasan Rimo head of a tribe supporting IS were killed in the raid. While one of IS judges called Abu Sumaya al-Masri, and assistant of the intelligence head in Jarablos Adosh were severely wounded.

Local sources assured that the coalition aircrafts carried out new raids last night near the center of Minbic city and resulted in the destruction of a truck loaded with ammunitions.