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“IS defanged in Kobani: region’s balances changed, conspiracies against women thwarted”

NEWS DESK –The Kongra Star Coordination in Rojava confirmed that the resistance of Kobani has foiled plans of the enemies, describing the resistance as a mythical resistance to the enemies of humanity. ” IS gangs defanged in Kobani, the balances of the region have changed and conspiracies against the women were thwarted” the statement said.

The Kongra Star Coordination issued a statement to the public on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Kobani.

The text of the statement:

“Kobani resistance had left 3 years behind it, the heroism of the fortress of resistance was written in letters of gold in history, Arin Mirkan had shaken the world with its commando operation, with the leadership of the People Protection Units and Women Protection Units, they held the torch of freedom that lit the way for the peoples. On the International Day of Solidarity with Kobani, we would commemorate all the martyrs of freedom, and we congratulate this day on all the components of Rojava and north Syria.

In light of the Syrian crisis, our people went through very difficult circumstances and were subjected to many brutal attacks by IS mercenaries, terrorist groups like Daesh and their supporters. They had tried with all their strength and potential to block the democratic nation’s project proposed by the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and put obstacles in the way of resolving the Syrian crisis.

The first pillar of the project on Democratic Autonomous Administration was put in place. The attack on Kobani was aimed at thwarting the project aimed at resolving the Syrian crisis, but in return, the freedom forces had a lookout. Breaking Daesh back in Kobani that have changed the scales in the region, and thwarted the dirty projects of the tyrannical forces, while the women have foiled IS gangs’ projects to captivate them, and stood in front of IS mercenaries who were trying to revive the system that prevailed thousands of years ago. The approach of freedom and democracy paved the way for all peoples and all women, and became the philosophy of free freedom for all liberals.

The approach of martyrs Arin and Gulhat became the Manifesto of life, and the martyrs of the like of Faisal Abu Laila, Adnan Abu -Amjad and Hana have adopted their approach.We congratulate the International Day of Solidarity with Kobani on all the peoples of Syria, long live Kobani  resistance, shame and disgrace to the policy of occupation and slavery.