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IS hides its mortalities in tunnels 



MINBIC– the fighters of the Military Council of Minbic came across a tunnel in Hamdoun Farm village where the mercenaries used to hide bodies of its mercenaries.

The Military Council of Minbic continues “Martyr Commander Feisal Abu Laila” campaign to free Minbic and its countryside achieving more and more victories and liberations of strategic zones held by IS mercenaries.

In the 14th day of the campaign Minbic fighters liberated Hamdoun Farm village, which was the last village held by IS south of Minbic.

The mercenaries used these tunnels to conceal their mortalities’ bodies. After searching within the village, Minbic fighters found many bodies within the tunnel.

The village residents said that they were allowed to approach these tunnels which were put under heavy security guard.

The tunnel is west of Hamdoun Farm village near a headquarter of IS, and was used as operations center, and was shelled by the Global Coalition aircrafts.