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IS holds responsibility for Orlando attacks, Obama: an act of terror and hate

NEWS DESK– The American President Barak Obama said that the attack launched by the armed man Omar Mateen on a gay nightclub is a terrorist offensive, and an expression of hate and targets all Americans.

President obama declared in a statement in the White House” we mourn today as Americans the barbaric killing and the horrific massacre committed against dozens of innocents, though investigations has just begun, we know that it is an act of terror and hate”.

The American President added” we would not give up to fear and fight one another, we would however stand together to defend our people and country, and question those who threaten our country”.

The President Obama ordered to lower flags honoring victims of the terrorist attack.

Media reported that Aamaq Agency of IS held responsibility of the attack which left 50 dead and 53 wounded was carried out by an IS fighter.